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Safe Abortion Care

This process is used to terminate a pregnancy. It can be a medical or surgical procedure.


General Healthcare

We do pregnancy tests and an ultrasound to determine the stage of a pregnancy.


Women`s Healthcare

Pap smear screening done to test for the presence cervical cancer, including STI treatment.
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Emergency contraception can prevent pregnancy or if the contraception has failed.
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Convenience for or patients in which our products are delivered right at their doorstep.



We offer counselling to ensure our patients are at the right mental and emotional state.

Health Care Services

Sr. N Ngobeni Reproductive Health Clinic offers a wide range wide array of reproductive healthcare services for women. Ranging from safe abortion care, a variety of contraception methods, wellness screenings & treatments to modern telemedicine.

Our clinic is registered with the South African Nursing Council and The Board of Health Founders. We offer reliable, safe and quick services to women in need.

Our services are strictly private and confidential. It is central to women’s ability to make choices and decisions about their lives and bodies. We give women access to accurate information, effective and affordable methods.


Patients can get our products directly at our clinic or quick and easy online.

About Us

Sr. H.N Mayinga-Ngobeni has over 16 years of experience of providing abortion service.


Hear from women who have used our reliable and safe services from across the province.