Safe Abortions

What is the process when I get to the clinic?

When you arrive at the clinic, you will have a consultation with a professional who understand your needs. They will perform a physical examination on you by performing an ultrasound/scan, to determine how far your pregnancy is. Based on the stage of your pregnancy, the nurse will explain the available options for safe abortion care. The nurse will then give you an admission form, requiring your details & medical history and you will sign a consent form. Thereafter, the process will take place.

I have an unwanted pregnancy, what are my abortion options?

We offer 2 options for Safe Abortion Care, a medical process, involving orally administered abortion pills, and a same-day termination of pregnancy (TOP) process.

Is there a legal age for abortions?

The Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1996: states that a woman can have an abortion at any age – you should never be denied the service because of your age. We advise minor’s to choose a trusted adult who will accompany them to the clinic, but this is a choice & may come alone.

Are the abortion processes safe?

Yes, our abortion care services are safe. The abortion care services are conducted by our knowledgeable & professional nurses, whose priority is your reproductive health & safety, and who have been trained, and approved by the National Department of Health.

Is it painful?

No, the process is not painful but it is rather uncomfortable. However, do not worry as our nurses are trained to help you be as comfortable as possible through the process.

What is the difference between the medical process & the termination of pregnancy (TOP) process?

The medical process, also known as the safe abortion pill, uses pills to terminate pregnancies less than 9 weeks. The first set of pills are taken orally in the clinic, with the nurse being there, and the second set is taken later, orally at home. The TOP process is used to terminate pregnancies of a later stage, using a suction method.

How long does it take?

Less than 5 minutes.


Is family planning a form of contraception?

Yes, family planning is a form of contraception, seeking to reduce unwanted pregnancies.

Which method is most effective?

All modern forms of contraception are very effective. However, it has been proven that methods directly involving the nurse are most effective as they leave little room for human error. Therefore, at our facilities it would be the IUCD.

  • Which contraception method would be more suitable for myself?

This is a question which would most suitable be answered in a consultation with a nurse at our facility.


Can I receive medicine, regardless of where I am?

If you are in the general scope of South Africa, yes, you will get your medicine delivered in a time-frame of same-day delivery, and 4 days. If you are in a remote area or outside of the borders of South Africa, call one of our facilities for details.

Will transportation not increase the risk of COVID-19 exposure?

No, our staff as well as our courier partner take all the necessary,and approved precautions and procedures to ensure that your medicine arrives COVID-19 free. The package will be sanitized at dispatch and delivery, with our delivery partner standing at a safe distance with a mask on.

Pap Smear

Does it hurt?

No, it does not hurt but it does create uncomfortability, but nothing intolerable nonetheless.

How often should I get a Pap Smear done?

The South African HPV Advisory Board recommend that a woman begin having pap smears when she becomes sexually active or turns 21 each year until the age of 30 and then every 3 years after the age of 30.

Why should I get a Pap Smear?

A Pap Smear is helpful, and effective in detecting, and also preventing Cervical Cancer as well as Human Papilloma Virus, amongst other common & terminal illnesses found in women.

General Questions

What are your operating hours?

Weekdays: 08:30 – 16:30
Saturdays: 08:30 – 13:00
Holidays: Closed

Can I walk in or do I have to make an appointment?

Walk-in’s are allowed, appointments are not compulsory.

What about privacy & confidentiality?

The clinic’s have both a privacy policy, as well as a confidentiality policy, which can be accessed on our website. Doctor-patient confidentiality is of utmost importance to us, creating a safe and judgement-free environment.

Are you open during the South African lockdown

Yes, as we provide essential services, we are fully functional during the South African national lockdown.

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