Safe Abortion and Treament

We have helped many women with unwanted pregnancies

We believe it is a personal choice for women to terminate pregnancies they feel they are not ready for. However, this needs to be done through a safe process with proper medical procedures. Our patient`s concerns are our main priorities. Therefore, our counseling services are to ensure our patients are in the right psychological state and are informed about the procedures to follow.

All our abortion pills are safe and medically proven to avoid any medical complications, before and after the procedure. there are two types of abortion procedures Firstly, medical abortion and secondly, surgical abortion. We further advise you on which method to use depending on the stage of your pregnancy. In addition ensure our patients that whichever methods we advise them to use, will be safe for them.

Medical abortion

This process is for terminating pregnancy below 9 weeks. Meanwhile, taking a set of pills that work together. The first set of the abortion pill (mifepristone). The second set of the abortion pill (misoprostol).

Surgical abortion

The surgical pregnancy termination process is a same-day surgical process. The process involves the physical removal of pregnancy counterparts. Therefore, a professional nurse performs this process.

Reliable Women's Clinic

We offer a wide range of family planning services at Sr. N Ngobeni Reproductive Health Clinic.

Unsafe Abortion

Women who perform unsafely and have an incomplete abortion are at risk of having permanent medical complications. Hence, we made sure that our clinic is legal, gives pre and post-abortion treatment. We treat complications that require immediate attention such as abnormal vaginal bleeding and infections.

Abortion Is Legal

South African law has legalized abortion procedures, making it easier for women to practice safe abortions. Understanding that a lot of people attempt unsafe abortions, we also treat such patients when facing complications. We offer services preventing women from having permanent complications.